Next Steps for Diversity – A Holistic Approach to Business Expansion


Diversity in business goes beyond just having a varied workforce. It encompasses a comprehensive strategy that involves diversifying not only the composition of your team but also the services you offer and the clients you engage.

In this article, we explore a holistic approach to building a more diverse business—one that involves assessing your current state, identifying complementary skills, improving and proving those skills, and strategically expanding your offerings.

1. Be Realistic: Assess Your Current Situation

Begin by taking a realistic inventory of your current clients and the services you provide. Identify any dependencies on a single client, skill, or service that might be a potential vulnerability for your business.

Consider what would happen if there were disruptions to your current setup. Understanding your existing strengths and weaknesses is crucial for devising a successful diversification strategy.

2. Identify Complementary Skills: Look Within Your Reach

Rather than seeking entirely new clients, start by identifying complementary skills and services that align with your existing client base. Look for opportunities to expand on what you are already offering.

Consider tasks or services that you currently outsource but could potentially bring in-house. Explore areas where you have the capability to enhance your skills or learn new ones that naturally complement your existing service offerings.

3. Improve Those Skills: Invest in Education

Once you’ve identified the complementary skills, invest time and resources in improving them. Take advantage of online courses, workshops, or collaborate with experts in the field.

Continuous learning is key to staying competitive and ensuring that the new skills you acquire are of high quality. Education can come from various sources, and the investment in enhancing your skill set is an investment in the future diversity and resilience of your business.

4. Prove Those Skills: Build a Strong Portfolio

Certain skills, especially in creative fields like design or illustration, require a robust portfolio to demonstrate your proficiency. While building a portfolio from scratch can be challenging, consider creating speculative projects, contributing to charity organizations, or even developing materials for sale as stock.

A solid portfolio serves as evidence of your capabilities, instilling confidence in potential clients and creating a foundation for successful diversification.

5. Sell New Services to Existing Clients: Leverage Credibility

Approach your existing clients with your expanded skill set once you’ve gained confidence and proven your abilities. Existing clients already trust your professionalism and reliability based on your past work.

They are more likely to be receptive to exploring additional services with you. This not only deepens your relationship with current clients but also allows you to maximize the value you provide to them.

6. Expand with New Clients: Reach Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Don’t limit your new services to your existing client base. Once you are confident in your expanded offerings, actively seek out new clients. Leverage your skills, portfolio, and satisfied clients as powerful marketing tools.

Expand your business into new markets and industries, embracing the challenge of reaching beyond your comfort zone. This proactive approach will contribute to the overall diversity and sustainability of your business.

In conclusion, achieving diversity in your business is an ongoing process that requires strategic thinking, adaptability, and a commitment to continuous improvement. By embracing a holistic approach that involves skill enhancement, portfolio development, and client expansion, you position your business for long-term success in an ever-changing and diverse marketplace.

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