20 Practical Email Marketing Strategies You Need To Know

Practical Email Marketing Strategies Onlinehyme
Unlike email campaigns, which have a finite beginning and end, email programs are the workhorse of email marketing – structured mailings with similar content components that opt-in recipients expect to get at regular intervals. When it comes to getting the... Read more

How Do You Buy and Sell Stocks – A Brief Guide

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If you want to buy or sell shares of a stock, you are required to open an Demat or Investment account to build your portfolio through an authorized person. You ordinarily pay the authorized person a fee or a commission... Read more

Ratio Analysis – Objectives, Advantages and Limitations

Ratio Analysis Onlinehyme
Absolute figures expressed in monetary terms in financial statements by themselves are meaningless. These figures often do -not convey much meaning unless expressed in relation to other figures. The relationship between two figures, expressed in arithmetical term is called a... Read more

Ten Things You Need To Know To Get Started on Twitter

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A huge number of companies now have a online Twitter social media presence. Some massive brands use the micro-blogging platform to manage their reputations and spread awareness. Also Read: Other smaller firms use it to build relationships and directly find... Read more

300+ Commonly Used Abbreviations Related To Stock Market

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Over the long run, stocks have beaten the performance of any other major asset class by a wide margin. Since 1926, stocks have returned nearly 10% per year, on average. Note that this 89-year span includes numerous wars, recessions and... Read more

Measuring and Building Your Own Portfolio

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When you buy any share of stocks, it becomes part of your portfolio. Your portfolio includes all your investments, whether it was cash, real estate, stock, or stock mutual funds. Your objective is to build a portfolio that will help... Read more

8 Steps to Develop a Simple Marketing Plan

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Marketing is an essential component of a business. In fact, it is the heart of any business, serving the vital function of transforming production activities into financial performance, thus ensuring the survival of the business. Marketing is key regardless of... Read more