14 Dirty Little Secrets That Will Boost Your Productivity

Boost Productivity

Productivity is not just about working harder, it’s about working smarter. Remember, productivity is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s about making consistent, long-term changes to your work habits. Start implementing these secrets one at a time, and watch your productivity soar!

Here are 14 lesser-known secrets that can help you boost your productivity:

1. Meditate for a Minute

Before starting any work, meditate for a minute. Focus on your breath, enjoy the sensation of being present, free of any pressure to perform. Let your mind still like particles settling at the bottom of a jar of water. From this place of calm, you gain a crucial starter’s advantage. You’re now a zen monk, and it’s not even 8 am. This is where creativity and energy flourish.

2. Stop Complaining

Many of us are unproductive because we’re constantly complaining about how hard everything is. Stop whining and moaning. Find your inner badass who’s been sharpening his blade, waiting for you to step up. Unleash that dude and let the demons of hell out.

3. Decide to Have Fun

People freeze when it comes to ‘productivity’ because they view it as high-pressure and dull. Productivity doesn’t have to be a heavy discipline. Just figure out the next small step and find a way to enjoy it. You bring the enjoyment. You can choose to be silly. You’ll never outwork someone who’s enjoying themselves.

4. Walk an Hour a Day

Spending time outdoors being ‘unproductive’ seems counterintuitive, but most of us are low energy because we sit all day and let our minds grow thick with worry. Walking clears this out, gets us into our bodies, and multiplies our creativity. If you want a secret hack, walking is it (any movement works too).

5. Free-Write Like a Champion

Write anything that comes to mind for at least a minute. Let your fingers dance on the keyboard and have fun seeing what shows up. Write total and unmitigated drivel. Create something so beautifully disgraceful that you have to laugh. This release primes you for further productive output.

6. Avoid Distractions

We all know the rush of internet distractions, but if you want unparalleled creativity, quit that habit and transmute your energy. After a few days, you’ll be astounded at how powerful this is.

7. Do ‘The Thing’

Do the thing you’ve been avoiding. Clean the dust from under your bed, wash the dishes, do that dull chore. It’s not hard; it just requires effort. Bring as much enjoyment as you can to it. Make it fun, and once it’s done, you’ll feel great. Now, tell me you don’t feel four times more productive.

8. Save Treats for Saturday

Treat yourself less during the week so you can do and be more. Drop the carby crap, and you’ll be light on your toes, brain firing, and ready to rock.

9. Decide to Be a Warrior

A simple decision can alter your reality right now. Decide to be the most courageous, brutal version of yourself. Kill the wimpy victim mentality daily. Embody your cheerful warrior-self. Let me know how this goes for you.

10. Rewrite Immense Goals Daily

Most of us never reach our goals, and that’s ok. But most goals are boring. The real value of goals is the excitement they stir in you today. Rewrite exciting, mega goals once or twice daily. Lean into your greatness. Physically write them down, and you will embody them.

11. Drink Like an Elephant

We’re mostly made of water, so drink up. Most of us are tired because we’re dehydrated. Drink water (not gin). Guzzle it in. Instant energy.

12. Perform the Sexy Snake Dance

Get up and perform appalling physical shapes in your room. Be nasty. Gyrate like you’ve been involuntarily celibate for a decade and you’ve just been unleashed. Productivity is all in the hips.

13. Adopt a Wild Persona

You aren’t your ‘personality.’ You don’t need to buy into the story you keep telling yourself about who you are. Choose to be who you need to be. If you need to be calm and receptive, be that. But right now, be a wild, creative maniac.

14. Triple Down on the Present Moment

The ultimate productivity secret is this: do one thing at a time with full enjoyment and presence. Set a window of timed, dedicated work, like 15 minutes of writing with no distractions. This gets you out of your worries and into the beauty of the present moment.

Embrace these secrets, and watch your productivity soar!

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