Important Abbreviations Related to Online Marketing & Digital Marketing

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Internet access is easy and affordable. Today, the number of global internet users is almost 3 billion. No other conventional advertising medium can bring such huge audience for your products or services.

Online Marketing is critical to building and maintaining a successful financial planning practice. A robust marketing strategy can also help you position your value with your ideal client.

“Marketing is the activity, set of institutions and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offers that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large” – by American Marketing Association.

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Online marketing is also termed as Internet marketing, Web marketing, or simply, OLM. Below all abbreviations used in various online marketing techniques such as Online Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Building SEO-Friendly Websites, Content Marketing, E-Mail marketing, as well as Web Analytics for Online Marketing.

S.No. Abbreviation Meaning/Full Name
1 CTR Click Through Rate
2 SEO Search Engine Optimization
3 CPC Cost Per Click
4 SMM Social Media Marketing
5 PPC Pay Per Click
6 ROI Return on Investment
7 eCPM Effective Cost Per Mille
8 CPA Cost Per Action/Acquisition
9 IFTTT If This Then That
10 KPI Key Performance Indicator
11 SEM Search Engine Marketing
12 RTB Real Time Bidding
13 URL Uniform Resource Locator
14 TM Traditional Marketing
15 DFP DoubleClick for Publishers
16 SSP Supply Side Platforms
17 CPM Cost Per Mille or Cost Per Thousand Impressions
18 DPR Digital Public Relations
19 DSP Demand Side Platform
20 CR Conversion Rate
21 DMP Data Management Platform
22 OM Online Marketing
23 AdX Ad Exchange
24 HB Header Bidding
25 IM Internet Marketing
26 AdOps Advertising Operations
27 SERP Search Engine Results Pages
28 SME Small to Medium Enterprise
29 CRO Conversion Rate Optimization
30 RPM Revenue Per Thousand Impressions
31 GTAG Google Tag Manager
32 PR Public Relations
33 WOT Web of Trust
34 B2B Business to Business
35 B2C Business to Consumer
36 CTA Call to Action
37 CMS Content Management System
38 UI User Interface
39 URL Uniform Resource Locator
40 UX User Experience

The below is the list of all keywords and tags used in Digital Marketing:

A/B Testing, Acquisition, Attribution, Attribution Analysis, Benchmarking, Bounce Rate, Click-Through Rate (CTR), Common Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Content Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Cost Per Conversion (CPC), Email Marketing, Engagement Rate, Exit Pages, Facebook Insights, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Impressions, New/Unique Visitor, Pay Per Click (PPC), Payment Metrics, Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Session, Social Media Marketing, Traffic Sources, Twitter Analytics, Value Per Visit, Web Analytics, Brand Management, Click-Through-Rate (CTR), Content Marketing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, Social Content, Influencer Strategies, Brand Reputation, Blogging, Crisis Management, Social Employees, Viral Marketing, Above-the-Fold, Campaign Development, Click-Through Rate (CTR), Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM), Email Blocking, Email Filter, Hard Bounce/Soft Bounce, House List, HTML Newsletters, List Management, Marketing Automation, Open Rate, Opt-In/Opt-Out, Performance Metrics, Personalization, Personalization Tools, Privacy, Spam, Targeting, App, Breadcrumbs, Build/Buy, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), eCommerce, Engaged Time, Experience Architecture, HTML and CSS, Inbound Marketing, Key Performance Indicator (KPI), Landing Page, Location-Based, Mobile Platforms, Mock Up, Online Video, Overall Digital Strategy, Photoshop, Responsive Design, Usability, Web Design, Wireframe, Ad Dimension, Ad Space, Banners, Call to Action, Conversion, Cookies, Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Lead (CPL) / Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), Click-Through Rate (CTR), Facebook and Twitter Ads, Google AdWords and AdSense, Impressions, Interstitial, Lead Gen, LinkedIn Ads, Mobile Ads, Pop-Up, Retargeting, Return on Investment (ROI), Sponsored Content, Video Ads, Algorithms, Alt Text, Authority, Bounce Rate, Conversion, Cost-Per-Click (CPC), Deep Link, Keyword Research, Keyword Strategy, Ranking, Reputation Management, SEO and Content Marketing, SEO for eCommerce, SEO For Localization, SEO Link Building, SEO Tools and Metrics, Sitemap, Technical SEO, Traffic, A/B Testing, Above the Fold, Affiliate Marketing, Aggregated (or Curated) Content, blogs, Branded Content, Branding, Click Bait, Content Marketing, Content Strategy, Contextual Advertising, Data Mining, Dynamic Content, Earned Media, Enterprise Marketing, Heat Map, Influencer, Lead generation, Lead Scoring, Marketing Automation, Need Profiling, Newsletters, Omnichannel, Small Business Marketing, User-Generated Content

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