Essential Features of a Good Presentation

Essential Features of a Good Presentation Onlinehyme

Presentation means appropriate collection and decoration of the products so as to enhance the number of prospective buyers to the shop. It also includes the interior decoration of the shop, an
eye catching display and the proper placing of the products on the counter. Effective presentation is vital in selling goods because customers generally visit a counter attracted by the goods displayed in the shelves of the shop.

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Proper presentation of the goods is important for creating and holding the interest of the consumer for the products. Effective presentation attracts customers to come into the store, just to have a look at the goods attractively displayed, even without the intention of purchasing. Sometimes, a well-planned presentation compels such customers to take a favorable decision in favour of the purchase.

There are certain essential features of good presentation. They are:

  1. Arousing interest
  2. Prompt presentation
  3. Clarity presentation
  4. Displaying approvals and quantity and quality
  5. Demonstration
  6. Appealing to Senses
  7. Conducting Tests
  8. Handling goods

1. Arousing Interests

At the start the salesman has to arouse the interest of the customer. He can describe the special features of the products i.e. durability, composition, etc. so as to arouse the interest of the customer about the product. Generally articles in vibrant colors and attractive shapes and sizes attract customers more. However, to arouse the interest of the customers, the salesman should emphasize on the distinct features of the products called unique sales propositions (USP).

2. Prompt Presentation

The salesman should always be prompt and alert. He should be prompt in presenting the goods to the customers who indicate his eagerness and willingness to serve. Such an attitude of the salesman creates a positive impression in the minds of the customers and their response is instant and favorable. The salesman can be quick and smart, provided, he has complete product knowledge.

3. Clarity Presentation

The salesman’s presentation should be clear and complete in all aspects so as to win the confidence of the customers. A high level of clarity in the sales presentation removes all possible doubts about the product from the minds of the prospects. A lucid and elaborate presentation does not allow the prospect to think about the competitive products. The salesman, therefore, should explain the use and operation of the product along with its price, durability, benefit and special features, if any.

In case of bulky articles, presentation can be done through models and pictures. At times, the customers should be allowed to touch and feel the product themselves. This enhances the confidence of prospects. For example, in case of eatable like fruits, sweets, biscuits, etc. small portions or free samples are given to the prospects for taste so that they can satisfy themselves about the quality of these products.

4. Displaying Appropriate Quality and Quantity

The salesman must show the appropriate goods of exact size and quality as desired by the customers. Sometimes, customers ask about a particular brand or quality of an article. An efficient salesman always displays the brand or quality of an article the consumer wants.

Sufficient variety of goods when shown to customer will enable him to make his choice out of them. It should be noted that showing too many varieties can create confusion and showing too few varieties may not be sufficient to convince the customers.

5. Demonstration

The salesman can attract the interest and arouse the desire of the customer in a better manner if he demonstrates or shows the features of the product to the customers. Proper demonstration definitely creates a favorable impression in the minds of the customers because demonstration is an important feature of a good presentation. By demonstration, the interests of the customer increase considerably because oral presentation at times fails to convince the prospect properly.

Therefore, to convince the customer effectively the sales person can effectively, dramatize the demonstration of the product. The dramatic demonstration of the product or service remains very effective and impressive and the customer remembers and understands such messages for a long time.

6. Appealing to Senses

It is essential on the part of the salesman to see that the way he presents should be appealing to any one or more of the five senses i.e., sight, touch hearing, smell and taste. A demonstration should appeal directly to all or some of these senses of the customers and ultimately creates a desire to possess them.

In case of consumables, it can be seen, touched, smelt and tasted. Once the product is found to be appealing to one or more senses of the customers, it can easily be sold.

7. Conducting Tests

Tests conducting on the products increase the confidence level of the prospects considerably. The salesman can suggest various common tests of the product to prove its claim and superiority.

8. Handling Goods

Action speaks more than words. Therefore, the salesman should handle the product himself as well as allow the prospects to handle the product. Prospective buyers may have a strong desire to handle the product before the actual purchase is made.

This is universally true. By handling the product himself, the prospect ensures that the product is worth processing and worth in price and claims. By allowing the customer to handle the product, the salesman appeals to the sense of touch and sight.

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