8 Design Mistakes to Avoid Like the Plague in Your Ebook


Design plays a crucial role in the success of your ebook, impacting readability, user experience, and overall engagement. However, certain design mistakes can hinder your ebook’s effectiveness and turn readers away.

Here are eight design mistakes to avoid at all costs:

1. Large Graphics

Including oversized graphics can significantly increase the size of your ebook, leading to longer download times and potential reader frustration. Opt for appropriately sized images that enhance rather than hinder the overall experience.

2. Bright Colors with Bright Text

Using bright colors for text on a bright background can strain readers’ eyes, especially during extended periods of reading. Stick to a clean, easily readable format with black text on a white background. While accents of color are acceptable, prioritize legibility over visual flair.

3. Strange Fonts (Letter Styles)

Although unique fonts may seem appealing, they can be difficult to read, causing strain on the eyes. Stick to default fonts for the main body of your text to ensure readability. Adjust your editor settings accordingly.

4. Extremely Large Type

Using overly large text throughout your ebook can give the impression of shouting at the reader. While larger font sizes are appropriate for headings or emphasizing key points, maintain a standard 12-point size for the main body of your text to avoid overwhelming your audience.

5. A List of Links

While including relevant links is essential, avoid creating an ebook that reads like a mere list of affiliate links. Your ebook should provide valuable information, and links should serve to enhance the content rather than dominating it.

6. Cluttered Design

Cluttered layouts can overwhelm readers and make it challenging to find the information they seek quickly. Ensure your design is clean and well-organized, making key elements easily accessible. A clutter-free design encourages readers to stay engaged.

7. Neglecting Reader Breaks

Long paragraphs without breaks can lead to reader fatigue. Provide short paragraphs with adequate spacing between them to offer readers visual and mental breaks. This approach improves readability and reduces the risk of reader exhaustion.

8. Inclusion of Useless Information

Irrelevant information that does not contribute to the ebook’s main topic can quickly disengage readers. Stay focused on the core message of your ebook, avoiding unnecessary details that may distract or confuse your audience.

By steering clear of these design mistakes, you can create an ebook that captivates readers, enhances their reading experience, and effectively communicates your message. Remember, the goal is to provide valuable content in a visually appealing and reader-friendly format.

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