9 Things to Avoid When Writing Your Ebooks


Writing an ebook is a rewarding endeavor that allows you to share your knowledge, insights, and creativity with a broad audience. However, it’s crucial to approach the process with sensitivity and awareness.

To ensure your ebook is well-received and respects diverse perspectives, here are nine things to avoid when writing:

1. Offensive Humor

Steer clear of jokes that target specific groups, such as blonde jokes or redneck jokes. Humor can be subjective, and what may seem harmless to one person can be offensive to another. It’s best to maintain a tone that is inclusive and respectful to all readers.

2. Religious Controversies

Religion is a deeply personal and diverse topic. Unless your ebook specifically addresses religious themes, it’s advisable to avoid making references or expressing opinions about religious beliefs. This ensures that your content remains neutral and does not unintentionally alienate any readers.

3. Sexist Comments

Speak to your readers as individuals, irrespective of gender. Avoid perpetuating stereotypes or making sexist remarks that could alienate or offend a portion of your audience. Treat your readers with respect, focusing on shared humanity rather than gender-specific assumptions.

4. Avoid Insults

Steer clear of insulting language or derogatory remarks about individuals, be they movie stars, authors, or any other public figures. Your goal is to inform and engage, not to criticize or demean others. Maintaining a positive and constructive tone enhances your credibility.

5. Comparisons with Negativity

While it’s natural to want to highlight the strengths of your ebook, avoid direct comparisons that belittle or criticize other works. Claiming your book is the best can be done without undermining the value of others’ creations. Positivity and confidence are more appealing to readers.

6. Racial References

Unless your ebook provides factual information about a particular race, avoid making references to race. Unfounded comments can be misconstrued as discriminatory, potentially causing harm or offense to readers. Stick to factual and unbiased content.

7. Sexual Preferences

Similar to race, unless your ebook is a factual account, steer clear of making references to sexual preferences. Uninformed comments may be perceived as discriminatory and can detract from the main message of your work.

8. Avoid Assuming Prior Knowledge

Cater to a broad audience by not assuming that all readers are familiar with certain concepts or jargon. Clarify terms, provide context, or inform your readers if your content is geared towards those with a specific level of expertise. This ensures accessibility for a wider audience.

9. Keep Promises Realistic

Be cautious about making promises in your ebook that you cannot fulfill. If you claim to offer the best solution or information, be prepared to back it up with evidence or practical examples. Failing to deliver on promises can tarnish your reputation as an author.

In summary, approaching your ebook with sensitivity and awareness of potential pitfalls will help you create content that resonates positively with a diverse audience. By avoiding these nine pitfalls, you can ensure that your ebook is well-received, respectful, and contributes positively to the literary landscape.

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