Top Facts about GIFT NIFTY You Need To Know


GIFT NIFTY, a futures contract based on the Nifty 50 Index of the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE), has become an essential tool for many traders. Here are some key facts you need to know about GIFT NIFTY:

1. Trading Hours: GIFT NIFTY futures contract is available for trading in two sessions as per Indian Standard Time. The first session starts from 6.30 am and ends at 3.40 pm. After a brief break, the second session begins at 4.35 pm and continues until 2.45 am.

2. Relation to NIFTY 50: GIFT NIFTY is directly related to NIFTY 50 as it is a futures contract based on the Nifty 50 Index. This means that the performance of GIFT NIFTY is tied to the performance of the Nifty 50 Index.

3. Usage by Traders: Many traders use GIFT NIFTY to get an early indication of a gap-up or gap-down opening before the Indian market opens. This can provide them with valuable insights and help them make informed trading decisions.

However, it’s important to note that several traders caution against blindly trusting GIFT NIFTY to predict NIFTY 50. This is because GIFT NIFTY and NIFTY 50 operate differently on different exchanges, and their movements may not always align.

In conclusion, while GIFT NIFTY can be a valuable tool for traders, it’s crucial to understand its workings and limitations to use it effectively.

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