Six Companies Correcting More Than 50% in NSE500 Stocks

Six Companies Corrected

The stock market is a volatile entity, subject to numerous factors that can cause significant fluctuations. Recently, several stocks listed on the NSE500 have experienced a substantial correction, falling from their year-high values by as much as 60%.

This article explores this phenomenon, focusing on six companies that have seen significant drops.

1. Brightcom (NSE: BCG)

Leading the pack with a staggering 60% fall from its year-high, Brightcom has faced a tough market climate. Despite this, retail shareholding in the company has been on the rise.

Brightcom Group

2. Paytm (NSE: PAYTM)

The digital payment giant PayTM hasn’t been spared either, with a 58% drop. Interestingly, this hasn’t deterred retail investors, who continue to increase their stake in the company.


3. Rajesh Exports (NSE: RAJESHEXPO)

Matching Paytm’s 58% fall, Rajesh Exports, a leader in the jewelry industry, has also seen a significant correction. Yet, retail shareholding continues to grow.

Rajesh Exports

4. Delta Corp (NSE: DELTACORP)

With a 54% drop from its year-high, Delta Corp has faced a challenging market environment. However, the company continues to attract retail investors.

Delta Corp

5. Zee Entertainment (NSE: ZEEL)

The media and entertainment conglomerate ZEEL has seen a 53% correction. Despite this, the retail shareholding in the company is increasing.

Zee Entertainment

6. Polyplex (NSE: POLYPLEX)

Rounding off the list, Polyplex has experienced a 51% fall from its year-high. Similar to its counterparts, the company has seen an uptick in retail shareholding.


Despite the significant market correction, an interesting trend has emerged – the increase in retail shareholding across these companies. This could be indicative of retail investors’ confidence in these companies’ long-term prospects, or it could be a result of attractive valuations following the correction.

While the market correction has undoubtedly been a cause for concern for investors, the increasing retail shareholding paints a picture of resilience and long-term confidence. As the market navigates through these challenging times, it will be interesting to see how these trends evolve.

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