Product Demonstration and Its Importance – A Brief Guide

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Demonstration includes the pointing out of quality and features of the product and providing them with certainty though display, trial or test.

By demonstration, the customer observes functioning details of the product himself. The salesman through sales presentation provides the requisite information regarding the product and its features to the customers, while the demonstration helps him convince the customer practically as he goes through the operations of the product and the service it renders.

This act might help in strengthening the customer take a decision in buying the product.

Importance of Demonstration

A good demonstration provides a number of advantages. Some of the important aspects of demonstration are as follows:

  1. Demonstration gives the salesman a chance to show specific features of the product or service more clearly, For example, in case of a vegetable chopper, demonstration is more effective than the description.
  2. It creates a lasting impression in the minds of the prospective customers as they see the functions of the product or handle them personally.
  3. Demonstration provides an opportunity of proving the product claims. The salesman can provide proof for the claim through a series of tests, experiments and operations. Thus, increasing the confidence of the prospective buyers.
  4. By proper demonstration, the customer’s sense of inquisitiveness about the product is considerably satisfied. As a result, the salesman can also complete his task more effectively.
  5. It helps in focusing attention of customers on the satisfaction and utility that they will be deriving out of the ownership of such products, rather than on sales resistance.
  6. It also provides a chance to the prospects for making comparisons with the competitor products.

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Essential of a Good Demonstration

There are certain essential elements which help to make the demonstration more effective. Important elements of a good demonstration:

  1. The product to be demonstrated should be available for displaying its features. The demonstration should be easy and clear to understand. If possible, the salesman should use the local / regional language to make the prospects comfortable during the sales talk.
  2. Demonstration of the product is highly effective for pointing out special or specific features. For example, when a person wants to purchase a TV, the salesman operates all the functions by himself or allows the customer to operate and verify the essential functions. This helps the salesman in proving the claims made during the process.
  3. When the demonstration of the product is not possible, testimonials or lab reports are shown to the prospect. This method is used in case of industrial products/bulky articles for which live demonstration is not possible.
  4.  Demonstration facilitates comparison of various features and advantages of products thereby enhancing the superiority of a particular product over others easily.
  5. A clear and detailed demonstration displaces possible doubts from the minds of the customers. Nothing should be hidden from the prospective customers, so as to build relationship. The precautions (if any) to be taken should be explained. In fact, clear demonstration enables the salesman to win the confidence and ultimately the conviction of the prospects.

Types of Demonstration

There are two types of demonstration, namely,

  • Demonstration in use and
  • Demonstration of a specific feature.

(i) Demonstration in use

The most effective form of demonstration is to show the product while in use. In fact, customers usually like this form of demonstration so, in order to win the confidence, the salesman can allow the customers to personally examine and use the product.

For example, while selling ready made garments, footwear, jewellery, etc, the salesman may ask the customers to try the product and look for themselves and be satisfied, before actually selecting one because if the customers find the product meeting to their choice and requirements, they may intend to purchase the product immediately.

(ii) Demonstration of Specific Features

There are certain products which have special features while for some products a full-fledged demonstration is not possible. In such cases, their special features and additional advantages can be demonstrated.

For example, un-breakability, leak-proof, waterproof, fire-resistant, shock absorbent, wrinkle free, microwaveable and other such features of products can easily be demonstrated with special emphasis on the specific aspects. Such specific features of the product go a long way in convincing the prospects.

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