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Online Money Making abbreviations Onlinehyme

The world of finance and internet marketing is confusing enough without all the need-to-know acronyms and abbreviations. But once you know the language of finance, you’ll find it’s much easier to navigate your own economic situation. The following list of Online Money Making related abbreviations includes abbreviations for business, banks and finance.

As soon as you have finished reading this article you will be fed-up with good IM knowledge that can possibly make you rich online.

1 CPA Cost Per Action
2 eCPA Effective Cost Per Action
3 PPD Pay Per Download
4 PTC Paid To Click
5 PTR Paid To Read Mails
6 PTP Paid To Promote
7 PPC Pay Per Click
8 GPT Get Paid To
9 CPI Cost Per Impression
10 CPM Cost Per Mile
11 eCPM Effective Cost Per Mile
12 CVR Conversion Rate
13 CTR Click Through Rate
14 PTS Pay To Surf
15 NFC Near Field Communication
16 SEO Search Engine Optimization
17 SEM Search Engine Marketing
18 PPS Pay Per Sale
19 MLM Multi-Level Marketing
20 CPL Cost Per Lead
21 VTR View Through Rate
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