Mastering Social Influence – Objectives and Metrics for Effective Engagement

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Social influencing is a strategic process that involves understanding your audience through social listening and using that knowledge to influence their attitudes, behaviors, and perceptions. This article explores the concept of social influencing, outlines objectives for this stage, and provides key metrics to measure the impact of your influence on social media.

Understanding Social Influencing:

Social influencing relies on leveraging your understanding of your audience gained through social listening. By being aware of the topics and interests that resonate with your followers, you can introduce your voice as a trusted authority, influencing their engagement and perceptions.

How to Identify Growing Social Influence:

1. Increased Follower Engagements

  • Metric: Track the rise in social shares, comments, and overall interactions with your posts.
  • Importance: Indicates a growing influence as more people actively engage with your content.
  • Action: Foster ongoing conversations and maintain a responsive presence to sustain engagement levels.

2. Increased Traffic to Your Site

  • Metric: Monitor the growth in the number of visitors to your website from social media channels.
  • Importance: Reflects the effectiveness of your influence in driving interest and curiosity.
  • Action: Optimize content for conversion and ensure a seamless user experience to encourage continued site visits.

3. Recognition as an Authority or Brand

  • Metric: Evaluate mentions and references to your brand or expertise in the industry.
  • Importance: Establishes credibility and authority in the eyes of your audience.
  • Action: Continuously share valuable insights, participate in relevant conversations, and position yourself as a knowledgeable resource.

4. Development of Greater Mind-Share

  • Metric: Observe the increase in audience interactions, questions, opinions, and discussions.
  • Importance: Indicates that your brand is actively occupying space in the minds of your audience.
  • Action: Encourage open dialogue, respond to inquiries, and foster a sense of community around your brand.

Objectives for Social Influencing

1. Boost Engagement with Your Content and Products
Action: Craft compelling content, utilize interactive features, and encourage user-generated content to enhance engagement.

2. Start Conversations Around Business Topics
Action: Initiate and participate in discussions, pose thought-provoking questions, and actively respond to audience comments.

3. Increase Website Traffic
Action: Share content that drives traffic, optimize calls-to-action, and ensure seamless navigation on your website.

4. Increase Product Awareness
Action: Highlight product features, benefits, and use cases through engaging content and promotions.

5. Grow Your Re-targeting List
Action: Implement re-targeting strategies to capture engaged users for future marketing efforts.

Metrics to Measure Your Social Influence:

1. Site Engagement Rates
Action: Analyze social shares, comments, and overall engagement on your website.

2. Re-targeting List Growth
Action: Monitor the growth of your re-targeting list through user interactions.

3. Traffic by Channel
Action: Evaluate the increase in website traffic specifically from social media channels.

4. Offer Awareness
Action: Measure how well your audience responds to and engages with your promotional offers on social media.


Social influencing is a dynamic process that requires ongoing attention to audience preferences, conversations, and industry trends. By setting clear objectives and monitoring key metrics, businesses can effectively gauge the impact of their social influence, foster meaningful engagements, and build a brand presence that resonates with their target audience.

Through a strategic blend of listening, influencing, and measuring, social media becomes a powerful tool for brand growth and customer connection.

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