Gerry McGovern’s Top Ten Rules of Copywriting

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Copywriting is an art that extends beyond the confines of paper and finds its place in the dynamic landscape of the web. Gerry McGovern, a renowned expert in the field, shares his invaluable insights through ten rules that are not only applicable across various media but are crucial for creating impactful and honest communication.

Let’s explore into these rules and ponder their relevance to your organization’s web presence.

1. Be Honest:
– Insight: While paper may never refuse ink, web pages should avoid unwarranted hype.
– Application: Evaluate if your organization delivers on promises made on your website promptly.

2. Be Simple, Clear, and Precise:
– Insight: Time is a scarce resource; concise communication is essential.
– Application: Assess if your web content avoids unnecessary complexity and values the user’s time.

3. State Your Offer Clearly:
– Insight: Clearly articulate what your organization offers.
– Application: Check if your website clearly communicates the products or services you provide.

4. Tell Them About Your Products’ Limitations:
– Insight: Transparency about product limitations builds trust.
– Application: Ensure your website provides honest information about any limitations or constraints.

5. Have a Clear Call to Action:
– Insight: Guide users on the next steps if they are interested in your offerings.
– Application: Evaluate if your website provides a straightforward path for users to take action.

6. Tell Them Quickly If They’re Not a Customer You Can Supply:
– Insight: Avoid frustrating users by communicating limitations early.
– Application: Check if your website clearly states if certain products or services are not available.

7. Edit! Edit! Edit!:
– Insight: Conciseness is key; shorter content is often more impactful.
– Application: Review your web content to ensure it is clear, concise, and to the point.

8. Give Them Detail:
– Insight: Provide in-depth information for those interested in learning more.
– Application: Assess if your website offers detailed information about product features through hypertext.

9. Write for the Web:
– Insight: Prioritize web-friendly formats; avoid unnecessary downloads.
– Application: Ensure your web content is accessible without relying on external document downloads.

10. Leave It at Nine!:
– Insight: If you can’t find a tenth rule, simplicity prevails.
– Application: Acknowledge the power of concise messaging and don’t force an unnecessary rule.

Gerry McGovern’s rules serve as a compass for effective copywriting, transcending different media landscapes. By applying these principles, your organization can enhance its online communication, fostering transparency, trust, and user engagement on your website.

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