Creating the Ideal Culture in Your Company – A Checklist

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Building and nurturing a positive company culture is essential for fostering a thriving and engaged workforce. While culture evolves organically, certain behaviors and values can be instilled to shape the desired environment.

Use the following checklist to guide your efforts in creating an ideal culture within your company:


  • Have you articulated a compelling vision for the company?
  • Based on that vision, have you defined a mission statement that employees understand and can implement?

Company Values

  • Do employees know how their work relates to this mission?
  • Is there a common set of values that binds the organization together?
  • Do you and other executives or owners demonstrate these values day in and day out?


  • Have leaders earned the trust of their employees?
  • Do leaders set positive examples of ethical and compassionate behavior?
  • Do employees believe that leaders care about their whole selves, beyond their ability to generate revenue for the company?


  • Are people treated fairly in terms of compensation, recognition, and opportunities?
  • Do you foster an inclusive atmosphere of civility and respect?
  • Do you value and encourage teamwork, with all ideas welcomed?
  • Do you acknowledge, encourage, and act upon (when appropriate) ideas from employees?
  • Do you give employees credit for their ideas?
  • Are efforts acknowledged, and accomplishments celebrated?
  • Do people have opportunities to grow?

Stakeholder Communities

  • Have you clarified how the company views its relationship with the communities it affects?
  • Do your actions support that commitment to the community?


  • Do you practice and encourage open communication?
  • Do you share operating information throughout the company so that people know how the company is doing?
  • Do you regularly survey employees on workplace issues and ask for their input on solutions?
  • Is there an open-door policy for access to management?

Employee Performance

  • Do you handle personnel issues with fairness and respect?
  • Do employees receive feedback regularly?
  • Are employee evaluations based on agreed-upon objectives that have been clearly communicated?

By addressing these questions and actively promoting the positive aspects of each category, you can contribute to the development of a healthy and vibrant company culture. Remember that fostering an ideal culture is an ongoing process that requires commitment and consistency from leadership and every member of the organization.

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