Biden Administration Proposes 30% Tax on Bitcoin Miners

Bitcoin Miners Tax 30 Biden

In a move that has sent shockwaves through the cryptocurrency community, the Biden administration has proposed a 30% tax on electricity used by Bitcoin miners. This tax would apply not only to miners connected to the grid but also those utilizing off-grid solar and wind power.

According to the proposal, any firm engaged in mining digital assets using computing resources would be subject to an excise tax equal to 30% of the costs of electricity used. The tax would be introduced in three phases: 10% in the first year, 20% in the second year, and the full 30% in the third year. The implementation date is set after December 31, 2024.

Miners would need to report the amount and type of electricity they use, including details if purchased from an external source. Even miners who lease computing power (common in mining pools) would be required to report the value of the electricity provided by the leasing company, which would serve as the tax base.

The tax is positioned as a measure to combat climate change. By taxing energy-intensive mining operations, the administration aims to encourage more sustainable practices within the crypto industry.

Republican Senator Cynthia Lummis has voiced strong opposition to the tax proposal. She believes that while the inclusion of crypto in the budget suggests bullishness, a 30% tax could cripple the mining industry in the U.S.

Since China banned miners operating within its borders in May 2021, the U.S. has witnessed a surge in Bitcoin mining. States like Texas, with cheap power, have become hotspots for mining operations. Publicly-traded U.S. miners have seen their shares soar, with companies like CleanSpark experiencing a 270% increase over the past six months.

Dave Rodman, a crypto lawyer, expressed frustration at the proposals. He believes that while the government recognizes the economic power of web3 (the decentralized web), it simultaneously aims to suppress it while extracting from it.


The proposed tax has ignited debates about the delicate balance between environmental concerns and fostering innovation. As the crypto landscape evolves, the impact of this tax on miners and the industry as a whole remains uncertain.

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