5 Easy Ways to Boost Local Business Revenue Offline

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In today’s digital age, many entrepreneurs are seeking ways to enhance their online presence. However, not every local business is well-versed in SEO or auto-responder setups. This article outlines five simple methods for individuals to offer valuable internet marketing services to local businesses without exploring into the complexities of SEO or automated systems.

Method #1: Article Marketing Services

Offering article marketing services can be a lucrative venture. Businesses benefit from increased website traffic, lead generation, and improved SEO through backlinks. Charging $25-$50 per article to create compelling content for local businesses proves to be a win-win situation.

Even if writing isn’t your forte, outsourcing to freelancers at a lower cost allows for a profitable margin.

Method #2: Blog Creation Services

Creating blogs for local businesses is a straightforward yet effective method. Utilizing platforms like Blogger.com or WordPress.com makes it easy to set up blogs for clients, providing an additional source of traffic and valuable backlinks for SEO.

Pricing can vary, with some opting for volume at lower rates while others charge higher fees for a custom approach. Regardless, it’s a service that businesses are willing to pay for.

Method #3: Myspace/Facebook Page Creation

In the era of social media, having a presence on platforms like Twitter, Myspace and Facebook is crucial. Offering page creation services to businesses lacking an online presence can be profitable.

Charging $30-$40 for setting up a Myspace or Facebook page is reasonable, considering the minimal time investment required.

Method #4: Craigslist Advertising

Businesses can significantly benefit from regular Craigslist ads, reaching an extensive audience of over 10 million daily visitors. Offering packages such as “10 Craigslist Ads Per Week for $10” can generate steady income, with each ad taking only a few minutes to post.

Charging $10 per ad is fair for businesses compared to other advertising avenues.

Method #5: PPC Campaign Setup

While Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising may seem daunting, setting up campaigns can be a profitable service. Educate businesses about PPC benefits, and charge anywhere from $100-$300+ for campaign setup.

This method can be an excellent way for businesses to quickly target specific keywords and gain visibility on Google.

For a comprehensive marketing package, consider combining all five methods. Offer a bundled service that includes article marketing, blog creation, Myspace/Facebook page setup, Craigslist advertising, and PPC campaign setup.

Providing a holistic approach to internet marketing can attract businesses looking for a complete solution to enhance their online presence.


These five simple methods offer lucrative opportunities for individuals to provide internet marketing services to local businesses without delving into SEO or auto-responder setups. By tailoring services to meet the needs of offline businesses, entrepreneurs can build successful ventures and help local businesses thrive in the digital age.

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