Robert Kiyosaki Bitcoin Prediction

Robert Kiyosaki’s Bitcoin Prediction: A $100K Milestone by September 2024

Robert Kiyosaki, the acclaimed author of the best-selling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” has recently updated his Bitcoin price prediction. He now anticipates the cryptocurrency to reach a staggering $100,000 by September 2024….

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Michael Saylor Bitcoin

MicroStrategy is Raising $500 Million To Buy More Bitcoin

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies, MicroStrategy, a business intelligence company turned Bitcoin enthusiast, has been making waves. Their recent moves have caught the attention of investors, analysts, and crypto enthusiasts alike. Just…

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Rap Legend Drake Sparks Bitcoin Buzz with Michael Saylor Video

Drake, the iconic rap artist with a staggering 147 million Instagram followers, has once again set the digital world abuzz. His recent move involves sharing Michael Saylor reels on his Instagram account, igniting…

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MicroStrategy Acquires 12,000 More Bitcoin for $822 Million

In a bold and strategic move, MicroStrategy, the enterprise software firm led by staunch Bitcoin advocate Michael Saylor, has recently acquired an additional 12,000 BTC. The purchase was primarily funded by the $782…

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