Ratio Analysis – Objectives, Advantages and Limitations

Ratio Analysis Onlinehyme
Absolute figures expressed in monetary terms in financial statements by themselves are meaningless. These figures often do -not convey much meaning unless expressed in relation to other figures. The relationship between two figures, expressed in arithmetical term is called a... Read more

Measuring and Building Your Own Portfolio

Building Own Portfolio Onlinehyme
When you buy any share of stocks, it becomes part of your portfolio. Your portfolio includes all your investments, whether it was cash, real estate, stock, or stock mutual funds. Your objective is to build a portfolio that will help... Read more

84 Internet Marketing Abbreviations You Need To Know

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In a world where every business has to fight for a share of the customers’ attention, marketing plays a huge role in boosting the number and interest of a company’s clientele. With the gradual increase in the number of small... Read more