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The discussion on selling process will be incomplete if one does not take into account the “aftersale service” or “follow-up action” to be rendered by salesman.

After the sale the salesman has to maintain relationship with the customer. Such as attempt builds long term relationship between the salesperson and the customer. The moment he closes the sale, he should not think that relationship is closed. Rather a close is just the beginning of such relationship. Therefore, he should be encouraged to visit to the outlet in future.

In the case of goods after-sale service should be assured for consumer items, the customer is relieved, and he is able to enjoy the full advantage of your product.

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As per the promise, the after-sale service should be provided promptly and satisfactorily whenever the customers come for such service. In the case of failure to provide such service satisfactorily, the built in confidence of the customers will be lost, which will affect the reputation of the concern forever.

Importance of After Sales Service

1. Keeps the customers satisfied

This helps in keeping the customers satisfied. It promotes proper communication of customer’s needs and wants to the product or service provider. This helps the organizations identify what their customers want and expect from them. Thus, they can offer their customers desired products that will satisfy their needs.

2. Customer

When customers make repeat purchases of products or services from a company, it shows that loyalty towards the organization. This happens when a product or a service delivers consistent value of the money spent by the customers. The after sales service plays an important part in communicating customer needs and complaints to the provider so that the products and services can be improved accordingly.

3. Reduces the cost of luring new customers.

The cost of gaining new customers is far higher than retaining the old ones. Good customer service from a company helps to retain old satisfied customers, thus reducing the cost for attracting new ones. Along with this, positive feedback from loyal customers automatically generates new clients for a company.

4. Helps to beat competitors

Organizations that provide excellent after sales services outperform competitors and become leaders in the industry. Even if such a company offers services and products at little higher rates, customers prefer purchasing it from them. As excellent after sales service is one of the most important factors determining sales.

5. Helps to receive feedback

Customer service representative directly chats to the customers and listens to all the positives and negatives expressed by them. This helps the company to receive invaluable feedback, which they would otherwise never receive.

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Steps in After Sales Service Techniques

1. Connect with the customers: Sales professionals need to remain in touch with the customers even after the deal. They should not ignore their calls. They ought to call them once in a while to exchange pleasantries.

2. Provide the necessary Support: The sales personnel can help them install, maintain or operate a particular product. For example, Sales professionals selling laptops must ensure windows are configured in the system and customers are able to use the Internet without any difficulty. Similarly organizations selling mobile SIM cards must ensure the number is activated immediately once the customer submits his necessary documents.

3. Replacement of the product: Any product found broken or in a damaged condition must be replaced immediately by the sales professional. Their grievances should be addressed and make them feel comfortable and create a section in the organization’s website where the customers can register their complaints or have a toll free number where the customers can call and discuss their queries. The customer service officers should take a prompt action on the customer’s queries. The problems must be resolved immediately.

4. Frequent Feedbacks: Feedback of the products and services from the customers should be taken periodically. It helps the organization to know the customers better and incorporate the necessary changes for better customer satisfaction.

5. Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC): AMC is an agreement signed between the organization and the customer where the organization promises to provide after sales services to the second party for certain duration at nominal costs.

6. Communicating the Policies: The exchange policies must be transparent and in favour of the customer. The customer who comes for an exchange should be given the same treatment as was given to him when he came for the first time.

The personal selling process is an important component of salesmanship and relationship building through this process enables organizations to increase their sales of existing and new products.

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